Our Mission

Purses Full of Hope delivers each purse donation we receive to various women’s shelters.

The shelters we donate to house those who are victims of domestic abuse, poverty, homelessness, substance abuse and other traumatic experiences. Many women who seek help at these shelters have completely lost touch with their personal feminine beauty and power. By donating a purse filled with female toiletries, hygiene and beauty products, you are empowering another woman, giving her a sense of purpose, and changing her life.

We ask that each donation have a handwritten note tucked inside, offering the woman who receives your purse some love and guidance. This note can consist of words, sentences, or paragraphs. Imagine being in a crisis situation, arriving at a shelter, and being offered not only a handbag filled with toiletries and beauty products, but also with a note from a woman you don’t even know telling you that it will all be okay. The note is an opportunity to personalize the experience, woman to woman.

Part of our mission is not only to give love and support to women in need but also to offer empowerment for the women who donate to us. As you collect items for your purse and write your note, think about what you would need if you were in that position. Make strategic and mindful decisions as you craft your donation. Allow this experience to fill you with inspiration, gratitude, empowerment and of course, hope.



"As women, we all know what a new tube of lipstick can do for us!”

— Sally Young, Vice President & Co-Founder