Shelter Statements

Recovery Corps, Center for Family Services, New Jersey

“I wish you could of seen the women of Camden’s faces. They were so grateful and in awe . They all spoke about how much they needed the toiletries but most of all the tampons/pads.  What you do is truly amazing. Thank you for donating the purses to the RecoveryCorps Cares for Camden Event. They really made a difference.”


“Over the last 2 years Purses Full of Hope has selected CCWC as a beneficiary for their charitable mission through donations of purses stuffed with feminine essentials. 

This partnership is essential in assisting women [who] are experiencing domestic violence get the help they need, while feeling that someone is there to understand their journey, in a non-judgmental environment. CCWC works daily to empower clients to make informed decisions as the experts in their own life. Each aspect of our program works on this empowerment model, and Purses Full of Hope provides items that can make a woman in crisis and/or transition feel validated and supported more than words can.

The donations provided might seem small to the donors, but the impact made on survivors is major. Survivors receive items to help practice self-care, and further on their journey into self-love, after times with a partner that has told her that she was worthless and that "no one else will love" them.

We are thankful for the continued support from the network with Purses Full of Hope, and look forward to working together now, and in the years to come.”